it’s all about finding the right partner

get together

when special people get together, magic arises. we will always remember this moment.

work together

only together we will reach our goal with joy. when we work on what we enjoy, we will be successful.

stay together

giving each other mutual trust at eye level with respect is the basis for a long-term partnership.




KOM4TEC is a NEW WORK agency for the work of tomorrow. we love and live NEW WORK. with INNOVATION COMPETENCE and HUMANITY we help clients to use digital transformation practically and pragmatically. the ultra-modern Microsoft 365 / Azure construction kit paired with excellent concepts helps to create real added value. we create benefits. in addition, we help to facilitate adoption through relevant and coherent communication.

"Innovation needs the right tools and methods". Marco B.

NEW WORK always has a goal. modern communication must connect. users believe in stories and remember stories. storytelling sells. if a responsible person is able to present a high meaning for the user, the user becomes a fan. turn the affected into the involved.



THE CODE ORANGE is a NEW DEVELOPMENT agency that lives and transmits modern devops coding. we believe in software products that have a true purpose and we know that you need a partner who not only plans, but who takes it in hand and implements it quickly step by step. we develop software products with everything that goes with it, right in the heart of digital europe - FRANKFURT. we design and build digital products and ensure that they deliver a successful performance in the use case.

new development is an approach to designing, creating and managing applications. this approach increases the flexibility of the teams and the reliability, security and scalability of the software. new development enables innovative, agile products to be developed faster, which makes our customers more satisfied.

our goals for our customers: fast time to market - increased innovation - reliable apps - reduced costs

Quantum vis GmbH


quantum vis / Latin „as you like“. mindset meets knowledge. full of conviction that people with the right attitude can achieve anything, we work on ambitious projects, but also on us day after day. our team consists of young, motivated students, trained specialists as well as experienced entrepreneurs. we profit from this constellation both humanly and professionally. our first major project is the dinehub, the office revolution.


healthy, high-quality food should not only play a role in private life. in the future, modern workplaces must offer employees the opportunity to eat healthy food at any time and just a few steps away. hardly any company is proud of its snack vending machines. for this reason MINIMAL. LUXURY. INDIVIDUAL.



Ever since I can remember, I've had a soft spot for art. For a long time I have been drawing, painting and most of all photographing. I am self-taught. Freely after the statement of 

Henry Cartier-Bresson

"Your first 10.000 photographs are your worst",

I took some photos. landscape, street, people, architecture, event and everything else I could think of. Also for magazines like the Frankfurt "The Riverside Magazine" (Link under Press). The magazine focuses on the city and the future. you get insights into the ever-growing metropolis. the city of frankfurt makes a name for itself as a german science and business centre. the city's cultural offerings are also developing rapidly. it's incredibly exciting for me. i prefer to photograph people everywhere. a city that offers endless possibilities here is of course new york city, the same applies to the small alleys of spanish and italian cities or the multicultural city of berlin. my urge to capture moments in pictures apparently never ends and that's a good thing.

"it's not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."

charles darwin


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